The OC – WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson was on the stage. The Phenomenal One was yelling at the crowd over what just happened. He went on knocking Chicago and said The OC isn’t leaving. So, the fans chanted for CM Punk. Styles said he would mop the floor with Punk, and Chicago needs mopping up. Gallows and Anderson also talked trash to the crowd. Styles continued the trash-talking until the music hit, and Daniel Bryan came out to the ring. He marched to the ring, passing by The OC as they look on from the side of the stage. The Beard hit the ring and posed while fans were cheering for him. He took the mic, and fans chanted for him.

Bryan said people want to know why he would want to summon Bray Wyatt. Here’s why. He showed us a video package with recent footage of his run-ins with The Fiend. Bryan said he didn’t come out to play around or with puppets; he came out to summon Wyatt. He went on about not knowing what goes on in Wyatt’s head. Bryan called him out to talk before their title match on Sunday at Survivor Series. They can get to know each other or reminisce about the past, but if that doesn’t sound good then they can fight. Bryan goes on ranting at Wyatt until the lights went out. The lights came back up, and no one was there. So, the crowd booed. Bryan accused Wyatt of disappointing the people and playing mind games. He called Wyatt to come fight.

However, the music hit, and The Miz came out. Bryan said if there’s one thing worse than The Fiend, it’s The Miz. He asked what the hell Miz is doing out here. Miz entered the ring with a mic and said Bryan’s behavior is making it clear he’s not a professional, unlike Miz. Miz talked about how Bryan disrespected him on his own show, MizTV, last week. Bryan doesn’t care because he doesn’t respect Miz and doesn’t like him. Miz yelled back and said the feelings are mutual. He was in Bryan’s face, yelling about how he can’t wait to see The Fiend rip him apart next week. Miz went on about trying to be there for Bryan since day one and maybe talk some sense into him, but that hasn’t worked so maybe he will just try this. A-Lister slapped Bryan in the face.

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Miz unloaded with “yes!” kicks to start, but Bryan caught one and slapped him. Both superstars went out and came back in with Daniel Bryan working Miz over. They went at it and run the ropes with Miz dropping Bryan with a knee to the gut. Miz landed a kick to the face for a two count. He wastes sometime after another shot to the face. Miz hit a running boot to the head. He hit another running boot to the head for a two count. Miz kept Bryan grounded with a headlock. Bryan fought back with kicks and chops. He hit big running shots in the corner while fans cheered for him.

Miz came right out and dropped Bryan from the corner. He came off the top rope, but Bryan caught the arm and tried taking him down into the LeBell Lock. Further, the two men tangled, and Miz nailed a big right hand. They reran the ropes and Bryan dropped Miz with a flying elbow. Bryan climbed to the top, but Miz crotched him. Miz went for a superplex, but Bryan blocked it. Bryan sent Miz to the matt with a headbutts. He delivered a missile dropkick and a kip up for a big pop.

Bryan hit, “yes!” kicks to the chest. He dropped Miz with the final kick. Bryan looked at his own fingers and started to hulk up. He went to start an actual “yes!” chant, but the lights started going down. The lights were all the way out. The red light came back on over the arena. The Fiend was sitting down in the corner. Bryan stared at him. They went at each other for a fight. Wyatt applied the Mandible Claw the lights go dark, flashing on just Wyatt and Bryan in the middle of the ring, no red. The Fiend laughed away while he was keeping Bryan down with the Mandible Claw.


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