WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was in the ring. Security was surrounding the ring. Lawler gave a big introduction to professional boxer Tyson Fury, and he came to a pop. Lawler asked Fury about last week’s SmackDown incident with Braun Strowman, and why he’s here tonight. He gave a shout-out to Bakersfield first. Fury said he was here last week minding his own business, but Braun tried to make him look like a fool. He said he’s here to demand an apology tonight.

Lawler went to speak, but the music interrupted, and Strowman came out. The Monster Among Men marched down to the ring and stepped over the top rope to enter. Fans chanted “get these hands!” while they stared each other down. Strowman said he was messing around trying to have fun with Fury on SmackDown. Meanwhile, he saw how Fury looked at him like he wanted a piece, which is why he shoved Dolph Ziggler into him.

Strowman said he was saying “let him go!” when security pulled him off on SmackDown. He said the last thing Fury wants is to get in his ring because he doesn’t know what Strowman is capable of. Strowman said he would eat Fury for lunch. Fury said it’s good security took him away because he would’ve knocked Strowman out if he got in the ring. Strowman said he’s mistaken because it would be Fury on his back looking at lights, and not some slow ass ten count like the last time he fought Deontay Wilder.

Fury said he’s the heavyweight champion of the world, how many titles have Strowman won? They dropped the mics and faced off in the middle of the squared circle. Fury shoved Strowman back. Strowman rammed Fury back into the corner. Security hit the ring to break it up while fans cheered them on. So, Officials and two large groups of security held them back in the corners. Fury broke free and leaped at Strowman. They pulled Fury off Strowman again. Strowman, from the floor, yelled at Fury to come on.

Therefore, Fury started knocking security out. Strowman started fighting security off. He entered the ring, but Fury backed him into the corner with body shots. The locker room emptied of Superstars, trying to keep Strowman and Fury apart in opposite corners. Strowman broke out and attacked Fury in the corner. Superstars held them back in corners while they continued to talk trash. Fury broke free again and attacked Strowman in the corner.

They did more of the same for a few minutes, unfortunately.  Fury yelled out at Strowman while Superstars held him back, and fans popped. Strowman broke free once again, but Superstars brought him back to the corner. He exited the ring and marched up the ramp while his music hit.

Moreover, Charly Caruso was backstage with Strowman, asking if his opinion of Fury has changed. Strowman said Fury is tough, but he is going to get these hands now.  Charly asked if Fury will get an apology in the future. We saw Fury watching from the ring. Strowman has no plans to give an apology because he didn’t play the crap Fury pulled tonight. Strowman ran back to the ring and attacked Fury again, but Superstars were there to break them up. Finally, RAW went off the air.


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