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Braun Strowman, Ricochet & Miz def. Bobby Lashley, Cesaro & Samoa Joe

Braun Strowman started with Bobby Lashley, trading moves and counters. Strowman rocked Lashley. Miz ended up coming in and hitting a running knee on Lashley. Lashley countered but ran into a big boot. Cesaro distracted Miz, allowing Joe to drop him with a cheap shot. The All Mighty delivered more offense. Joe tagged in and unloaded on Miz in the corner. Cesaro and Lashley delivered cheap shots to Miz while the referee didn’t notice. Cesaro and Joe double teamed against Miz. Cesaro kept Miz grounded after he tagged in. Ricochet came in and started unloading on Cesaro.

Moreover, Ricochet took Lashley down with a crossbody. Ricochet countered a power move and sent Cesaro flying with a hurricanrana. Ricochet leaped out of the ring, taking Cesaro down on the floor.  Cesaro sent Ricochet to the floor, and Lashley tagged back in. Lashley kept control, but Ricochet nailed him with an enziguri in the corner. Ricochet sent Lashley into the corner. Miz tagged in and unloaded with kicks to Lashley in the corner. Joe approached on the apron, but Miz kicked him down. Lashley charged Miz in the corner, but he moved, and Lashley hit the turnbuckle.

Miz dropped Lashley with a DDT. Also, Miz dropped Cesaro with a DDT. However, Miz stood tall for a pop from the crowd. A-Lister delivered “yes” kicks to Lashley and Cesaro while on their knees.  Cesaro went down with a roundhouse kick. Lashley blocked the roundhouse kick and drove Miz down. Joe tagged in and knocked Strowman off the apron. Also, Joe connected Miz with a senton. Joe covered for the pin, but The Monster broke it up. Miz delivered a jawbreaker to Cesaro as he stepped in. Strowman ended up launching Lashley into the barrier.

Cesaro caught Miz with the Cesaro Swing in the middle of the square. Cesaro swings him much longer than usual, so long that even he got dizzy. Furthermore, Cesarowent for a Sharpshooter next but it’s stopped. Miz tagged in Strowman as Cesaro got up. The Monster unloaded and ran over Cesaro, sending him out of the ring. He ran around the squared circle and flattened Cesaro. Strowman brought it back in the ring and splashed Cesaro in the corner. He blasted Cesaro to the mat and covered for two counts, while Joe broke it up.

The Samoan Submission Machine unloaded on Braun. Strowman scooped Joe for the powerslam, but Joe battled out and retreated to the floor. Joe grabbed his title and escaped through the crowd. Strowman looked on. Strowman tagged in Miz and ran after Joe, but Lashley stopped him on the outside with a huge Spear. Ricochet flew out and took down Lashley. Cesaro dropped Miz in the ring with a big uppercut. Miz kicked out at two. A-Lister blocked the Neutralizer and hit a Skull Crushing Finale for two counts. Ricochet tagged in and climbed to the top. He hit the 630 on Cesaro for the pin to win.

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