Braun Strowman came out for a pop. The Miz, Tucker & Otis, Randy Orton, WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, and RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were already waiting in the ring. Ziggler and Miz went at it early on. The Show Off hit an early Zig Zag.

Miz came back and blocked a move, then dropped Ziggler with a DDT. Strowman got the tag and ran wild on Ziggler. He kept control and clubbed Ziggler to the mat for a two count. Roode ran in and decked him from behind. So, this led to Orton, Styles, and everyone else getting involved with their moves.

It was back down to Ziggler and Strowman in the center of the ring while the others were on the outside. Strowman ran around the ring and flattened all of his opponents with big shoulders. He yelled out for a pop. Strowman stopped at ringside and stared at boxer Tyson Fury. They put their dukes up but looked to be joking.

However, Ziggler took advantage and attacked from behind, knocking him down. He got sent into Fury. Fury wasn’t happy. Strowman laughed at him while he returned to the ring. Ziggler rocked Strowman off the distraction. Strowman immediately scooped Ziggler for the powerslam and the pin to win.

After the match, Team Strowman stood tall while the music hit. Fury hopped the barrier, but security rushed over and kept him from getting to the ring. Strowman taunted Fury from the ring. Graves noted how Fury was a hothead while fans chanted for security to let them fight.


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