We saw staffers placing various large musical instruments around the ringside area. Cesaro came out first, carrying a guitar case. Shinsuke Nakamura was out next with Sami Zayn, who was carrying a ukulele. Cesaro, Zayn and Nakamura headed to the ring together. After the break, we saw the instruments at ringside, including a large piano. The announcers showed us what happened between these two teams last week. Elias came out with his guitar. He said he doesn’t even know who has his back but he wants to know who wants to walk with him.

Elias said one thing will stay the same as we go into WrestleMania 36 – WWE stands for Walk With Elias. So, fans repeat it with him. Elias started his latest song while fans clapped along. He transitioned into an introduction for his partner, and WWE Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman came out for a pop. Strowman was carrying the big stand-up bass that he used on Elias in the first-ever Symphony of Destruction match back in 2018. The bell rang and Nakamura started off with Elias.

Nakamura attacked first and went to work but Elias dropped him with an elbow to the nose. Elias delivered a chop and more strikes. He drove Nakamura down with a hip toss. Sami threw a tambourine in but Elias grabbed it first and used it in the corner. Elias beat Nakamura around with the tambourine. Nakamura turned it around but Elias ducked a tambourine shot. He dropped Nakamura with a jumping knee, sending him to the floor. Elias grabbed a kick-drum but Cesaro blocked it.

Strowman came from behind and took it from Cesaro’s hands, smashing it over his head and around his body. Sami ended up coming from behind with the ukulele but it did nothing to Strowman. Strowman chased Sami around the ring but Nakamura leapt at him out of nowhere, taking the big man down on the outside. Nakamura smiled at the fallen Monster. After the break, Elias blocked a cow bell shot, using it on Cesaro. There’s a table standing up on the floor.

Cesaro knocked Elias from the apron, putting him through the table while Sami was cheering him on. Strowman came running over, flattening his opponents and sending them into the barrier. He launched Cesaro over the announce table head-first to the floor. So, fans cheered Strowman on. Strowman slammed Nakamura face-first into the steel steps, then the barrier. Cesaro came over with a guitar but Strowman blocked it and chokeslammed him on the apron.

Strowman went for the bass but Sami came from behind with a big keyboard shot across the back. Sami tipped the bass over and ordered Cesaro and Nakamura around. Cesaro and Nakamura sent Strowman crashing through the bass with a double suplex. Cesaro covered on the floor but Strowman kicked out at two. Elias came over and fought Nakamura off. They tangled some with instruments and Nakamura landed a big kick to the head on the floor.

Nakamura charged with a Kinshasa to send Elias into the gong, but Elias moved and Elias kicked the gong. Elias sent Nakamura into the timekeeper’s area, then blocked a guitar shot from Cesaro. He fought Cesaro off and smashed the guitar over him as fans popped. Elias placed Cesaro on a table while fans were chanting for him. He went to the top but Nakamura stopped him. Strowman recovered and tossed Nakamura over the announce table.

Elias climbed back up and nailed a flying elbow drop through Cesaro on the table. As soon as Elias hit that for a big pop, Strowman scooped Nakamura for a running powerslam from the top of the announce table, into the piano. Nakamura landed hard and Strowman got the pin. After the match, Strowman and Elias returned to the ring to celebrate. Strowman raised the title and they hit the corners to pose. We saw Nakamura receiving medical attention at ringside next to the piano.


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