Braun Strowman came out first. Plus, we saw how The Monster Among Men returned last week to save Universal Champion Seth Rollins from The OC. United States Champion AJ Styles came out with RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Also, we saw a replay of The Phenomenal One’s post-RAW challenge to Braun Strowman last week.

The bell rang and Styles met Strowman in the center of the ring. Styles talked trash and smacked Strowman. He launched Styles into the corner, took a few shots and leveled Styles, sending him dazed to the floor and stumbling around. The Monster Among Men ran out and chased Styles around the ring, and back in. Styles unloaded on Braun while he re-entered. So, the referee warned Styles.

Strowman grabbed Styles for a chokeslam but Styles slid out. Styles looked to bring Strowman down but Strowman overpowered him. Strowman dropped Styles and waited for him in the corner. He charged but ran into a big boot. Styles ended up springboarding in with a Phenomenal Forearm attempt but The Monster Among Men just caught him out of the air with a big shot. Strowman scooped Styles but Gallows & Anderson hit the squared circle and attacked him for the disqualification.

The double team continued after the bell as Gallows leveled Strowman with a big boot to the face. Meanwhile, fans booed. Gallows & Anderson launched Strowman shoulder-first into the ring post. The beatdown continued until the music interrupted and Universal Champion Seth Rollins came out to a pop. The BeastSlayer unloaded on Gallows & Anderson, clearing the ring while Strowman recovered.

However, fans chanted “burn it down!” as Rollins checked on Braun and they shook hands. Strowman wasn’t letting go of the shake and Rollins started to realize this. Finally, The Monster Among Men lets go and stared at Rollins, nodding at him. A confused Rollins stared back and looked out of the ring and taunted The OC.


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