Back to the announcers but R-Truth interrupted them. He was in the ring for the winter premiere of the Truth TV segment. Truth did some comedy and introduced his guests for tonight, Bobby Lashley and Lana came out. After the break, Truth said he has lots of questions for the power couple in front of him. Lana said they aren’t here for his stupid talk show – Truth has a match with her Bobby. So, Truth did some more comedy and was stalling.

The bell rings and R-Truth stalled some more but Bobby Lashley was ready to go. Lashley delivered a cheap shot to beat Truth down in the corner while fans booed. He dominated Truth into the corner while the “Rusev Day!” chants got louder. Lashley tossed Truth out to the floor. Lana talked trash and here came Lashley.

Truth ran back in the ring and Lashley followed but Truth unloaded with offense. He hit some of his trademark offense and then did some of John Cena’s signature moves while fans were cheering him on. Truth hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the Attitude Adjustment but Lashley blocked it. He kicked Lashley but Lashley came right back with a big Spear for the pin to win.

After the match, The All Mighty stood tall. Lana exited the ring with Lashley.


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