Rusev came out first. We saw Humberto Carrillo made his entrance during the break, followed by Angel Garza with Zelina Vega. After the break, Bobby Lashley came out with Lana. Besides, we saw recent happenings between Carrillo, Vega, Garza and Rey Mysterio. Carrillo started things off with Lashley. They locked up and Lashley overpowered into the corner. Carrillo went under Lashley and kicked him. Lashley rocked Carrillo and caught him in mid-air.

Carrillo fought out of a move with an elbow but Lashley knocked him out of the air with a shoulder. Rusev tried to get involved but Lashley took Carrillo to the corner and sent him down. Garza tagged in and kept Carrillo by his arm. Carrillo got free but Garza chopped him. He ended up hitting a big crossbody out of the corner on Garza. Carrillo traded more shots with his cousin. Rusev tagged in for the double team as Rusev knocked Lashley off the apron.

Carrillo sent his cousin across the ring. He countered again but Garza followed up with a big dropkick. Garza snatched his pants off and tossed them at Rusev. He went to the floor and lets a fan kiss him. So, this led to Garza turning back around to a big suicide dive from Carrillo. After the break, Garza kicked Carrillo in the back while Lana and Vega were watching from the floor. Lashley tagged in and kept Carrillo grounded. Carrillo looked to turn it around but Lashley swung and missed.

Finally, Rusev got the tag. Rusev unloaded as Garza came in. He also dropped Lashley on the apron. Rusev hit a big overhead suplex to Garza, and another. He covered but Lashley broke it up. Rusev unloaded on Lashley in the corner. Garza rolled Rusev up from behind. They tangled and Garza dropped Rusev with a superkick but Carrillo made the save. Carrillo and Garza went at it. Garza leapt out and took him down on the floor. Lashley came with a big Spear to Garza on the floor.

Lashley turned around to Rusev leveling him on the floor. So, fans popped and chanted “Rusev Day!”  Rusev brought Garza back in. Lashley interfered, allowing Garza to kick Rusev. Garza climbed up but Rusev sent him to the mat. Rusev hit a flying headbutt for a close two count as Garza kicked out. He stomped Garza and called for The Accolade. Rusev stomped on his back but he avoided the submission. He hit a big kick. They tangled some more. Rusev knocked Lashley off the apron with a Machka Kick.

However, Garza took advantage and rolled Rusev up with a handful of tights to get the win. After the match, Garza and Lashley stood tall. Rusev attacked Garza from behind and sent him to the floor. Lashley and Lana posed on the stage while Rusev was looking on from the ring.


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