Big E came out first for tonight’s Triple Threat main event for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Cole showed us a video that led to this match. Jey Uso was out next, followed by SmackDown Tag Team Champion The Miz. Big E took control early on, sending Miz out. Big E had both men down at ringside. He ranted about this being No DQ while taking the announce table apart. Miz and Jey hit big kicks to Big E. They teamed up for a double suplex, slamming Big E through the announce table. Here came the commercial with Big E laying in the debris.

After the break, Uso hit a Samoan Drop on Miz in the middle of the ring, then sent him out to the floor. Big E got up on the outside but Uso nailed a suicide dive. Uso ran back in and hit a dive on Miz on the other side of the ring. He brought Miz back in and hit a big crossbody for a close two count. Uso delivered Rikishi splashes to both opponents in the corners. Uso charged but Big E caught him with the Uranage. Miz took out Big E in the corner. He went for a Skull Crushing Finale on Big E but Uso superkicked him, then superkicks Big E. Uso covered Big E for the two count.

Miz rolled Uso up for a two count out of nowhere. Uso and Miz went back and forth. Uso blocked a Figure Four, kicking Miz into Big E to send him off the apron to the floor. They tangled and Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale for a two count. He went right into the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Rope break are not valid here. Miz tightened the hold and bridged it while Uso tried to fight out. Big E was still down on the floor. Finally, Big E ran in and broke the hold. He dropped Miz with a Big Ending for the pin to win the titles for he and Kofi Kingston.

Result: New SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E (for The New Day)

Post-match, Big E celebrated. We saw video from Kofi Kingston, who was at home celebrating and going wild. Big E took the titles and licked them all over. We saw video of the injured Xavier Woods celebrating at home. SmackDown on FOX went off the air with Big E rolling around on the ground with the titles.


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