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RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch compared Bayley’s new look to Darth Vader from Star Wars


RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch posted a Bayley’s picture on her Instagram story. The Man compared the Hugger’s new look to Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Bayley aligned with Sasha Banks soon after the self-styled Boss returns to WWE. on an episode of Monday Night RAW, She attacked Becky Lynch and turned heel in the process. However, Bayley did not let go of her cheerful, bubbly persona though. She successfully defended her SmackDown Live Women’s title against Charlotte Flair at Clash of Champions. At the Hell In A Cell PPV, Bayley lost the Championship to The Queen. On SmackDown’s Draft edition, she made her entrance for her title Hell in a Cell rematch against Charlotte Flair in the main event.

The Hugger shockingly destroyed the inflated buddies on the ramp and displayed a ruthless side of her.  However, Bayley went on recapture the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. The Man has used her social media handles effectively in all of her feuds this year. Now, she decided to take a shot at Bayley by posting a picture on her Instagram story. The picture features Bayley’s new look, comparing her new look to the legendary villain of the Star Wars, Darth Vader.




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