RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came out – followed by her partner Charlotte Flair. We saw a video package with recent happenings that led to this match. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley and her best friend Sasha Banks were out next. The two teams met at ringside. Banks and Bayley got the upper hand but Lynch came right back and unloaded. Lynch took both out and took Banks in the ring. She mounted Banks and unloaded, but Bayley made the save. Banks and Bayley doubled team Lynch while the referee tried to break it up.

Flair ran back into the ring with a steel chair. Bayley and Banks retreated to the floor to avoid the chair attack while Flair checked on Lynch. Bayley tagged in early on and went at it with Lynch after a tag out. Lynch rammed her into the corner and started brawling. She unloaded and took it to the outside but brought it back in for two a count. Flair tagged in from the corner and then slapped Bayley around before stomping away. She took it to the corner and kept control. Bayley dropped Flair out of the corner and Banks came in. They double-teamed Flair in the corner while the referee counted.

Banks unloaded on Flair until the referee had to warn her again. Bayley came right back in for more double teaming on Flair in the corner. They slammed Flair, and Bayley covered for a two count. Flair turned it around and unloaded on Bayley in their corner. Lynch tagged in and kept the attack going on Bayley. Bayley rocked Lynch and sent her to the apron. Lynch fought Bayley off and then Banks while she charged on the apron. Bayley took advantage of the distraction and dropped Lynch to the floor. The referee was distracted which allow Banks to deliver more cheap shots on the outside.

Banks brought Lynch back in for a two count. She delivered a big suplex for another pin attempt. Bayley came back in, and they kept the attack going until Lynch dropped Bayley out of nowhere. Banks and Flair tagged in at the same time while the crowd cheered. Flair got the upper hand and went wild on Banks. She caught a crossbody and launched Banks. Flair dropped Bayley off the apron with a huge boot. She ducked Banks, then hit a neckbreaker and sent her face-first into the second turnbuckle. Flair hit a neckbreaker, but Banks kicked out at two. Banks ended up applying the Bank Statement on Flair, but Flair got out.

Flair went for the Figure Eight on Banks. Bayley ran in, but Lynch cut her off. She blocked the Disarm Her and sent Lynch into the Figure Eight to break it up. All four Superstars were down while a “this is awesome!” chant started up. The referee checked on WWE’s Four Horsewomen. Banks hit the Meteora to Flair on the floor.  She hit running knees in the corner for a two count on Flair. However, fans tried to rally for Lynch to get the tag. Banks taunted Lynch. Bayley tagged in and chopped away on Flair while Banks held her. Flair fought back and rocked Bayley.

Bayley grounded her a bit and took Flair back to the corner for shoulder thrusts. Flair sent Bayley head-first into the second rope. Finally, Lynch got the hot tag and unloaded on Bayley as fans pop. She delivered a flying shoulder tackle. Banks came in, but Lynch caught her with a Bexploder. She went down to the floor and Lynch hit her with a baseball slide to send her back to the floor. Lynch hit another big shot to Banks on the outside. Bayley turned it back around on Lynch in the ring. Lynch looked for the Disarm Her on Bayley, but Banks ran in with the Bank Statement.

Flair hit a big boot on Banks to drop her. Banks and Bayley went for a double suplex on Flair, but she landed on her feet. They missed clotheslines and turned around to a double missile dropkick from Lynch. Lynch went to the second rope while Flair tagged in. She dropped a flying leg on Bayley. Flair climbed up and followed up with a moonsault on Bayley, but Banks broke it up at two. Banks pulled them to safety on the outside. She decked Flair and sent her into the steel ring steps. Lynch applied the Disarm Her on the floor. Banks tapped, and Bayley broke it with a big boot to the head.

Bayley dropped Flair on the floor with a Bayley-to-Belly. All four women were down on the floor while fans chanted “this is awesome!” again. Bayley brought Flair back into the ring and climbed to the top for the flying elbow. But Flair got her knees up, and Bayley landed badly. Flair waited, but Banks came from behind while the referee is tending to Bayley. She fought back and knocked Banks to the floor. Bayley took advantage of the distraction and rolled up Flair for two counts. Flair came right back with a Natural Selection on Bayley for the pin to win.


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