WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was in the ring for the RAW Women’s Elimination Chamber contract signing. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan were sitting at the tables. Natalya’s music hit and she came out. No sign of Shayna Baszler. The winner of this match will challenge for the RAW Women’s Title at WrestleMania 36. Lawler started talking after fans chanted his name.

Asuka snatched the mic from him and said no one cares. She pointed out how there are only five women here tonight. So, fans gave her the “What!?” treatment. Lawler said Baszler was in the arena, but either she is running late to the signing or she no-showed it, but either way, we’re going to get this thing done. So, fans booed. Lawler had Logan sign first. The contract was passed down the line to Liv. She signed and got up to bring it to Ruby at the other end of the tables, slamming it in front of her.

So, Ruby showed some attitude and signed. She stood up and stared Liv down. Natalya was also up. They all backed off and sat back down. Lawler pointed out that there are two referees at ringside. Asuka signed last. Finally, the music interrupted and Baszler came in from over the barrier. Baszler signed the contract last. She stared down each competitor and stopped at Natalya, getting in her face.

Fans popped as Natalya stood up and faced off. Natalya came around the table and faced off with Baszler. Lawler left and said they’re on their own. Asuka came over and threw Natalya to the mat. She took the mic in Baszler’s face and yelled some. Asuka told Baszler to bite her. They argued and got ready to fight but Natalya took Asuka down and unloaded. Liv leapt at Ruby and they started brawling.

Further, Logan got involved as staffers cleared the ring of the tables and chairs. Baszler put her arms in the air and wanted none of it. It came down to Logan, Baszler and Liv in the ring as the others brawled to the floor. Logan and Liv also went out. Baszler applauded and smileed, wiping the dust off her shoulder.

However, the music interrupts and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came out. Baszler stood ready to fight and told Lynch to bring it. Becky hit the ring and they started brawling. The Officials rushed in to break them up while fans were chanting “let them fight!” Baszler and Lynch kept breaking free to continue the brawl.


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