SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair came out Hell In a Cell rematch. The Queen of All Era posed and wrapped her entrance. Bayley was out next supporting a new look. She stopped on the stage while her music also stopped. Bayley wasn’t smiling tonight. She took her jacket off and backed up. Bayley picked up an ax-handle with blades sticking out of it. She started slaughtering the inflatable tube men. Also, Cole called this a complete change in personality for Bayley.

Flair watches from the ring as Bayley destroys the signature tube men from her entrance. Bayley marched to the squared circle. The bell rang, and Bayley immediately attacked. Flair turned it around and went to the corner. She delivered a neckbreaker in the corner, sending Bayley to the floor to regroup. Flair followed and launched Bayley into the barrier, then over the barrier. Bayley fought back from the crowd, dropping Flair on the floor. She came back over the barricade and knocked Flair into the steel steps.

Bayley entered the ring and stood tall, playing to the crowd for a mixed reaction.  Flair covers after the break for a two count. Bayley turned it around and worked Flair over on the ropes. She dropped Flair for a quick pin attempt. Flair fought up and out, but Bayley re-applied a headlock and kept her grounded. She delivered shots in the corner. Bayley went back to the headlock. Flair shoved her into the corner but ran into a kick. Bayley fought from the apron and went for a neckbreaker over the top rope, but Flair shoved her to the floor.

Flair launched herself over the top rope, taking Bayley down on the floor. She brought it back into the ring and delivered chops. Flair sent Bayley into the corner and dropped her with another chop. She hit a big suplex and then played to the crowd for a pop. Flair countered and worked on the leg. She dragged Bayley to the center of the ring, but Bayley got the bottom rope. Flair charged with a big boot and kicked Bayley from the apron to the floor. She followed and hit a big moonsault from the top of the barrier while fans popped.

Flair brought it back into the ring for a close pin attempt. Bayley fought back and kicked Flair’s knee out. They tangled into the corner until Bayley hit a Bayley-to-Belly suplex out of nowhere, but Flair still kicked out at two. Thus, Bayley showed frustration. Flair delivered a neckbreaker in the corner. She sent Bayley face-first into the turnbuckles. Flair climbed to the top for a moonsault, but Bayley got her feet up. She blocked and applied a Boston Crab. Flair dragged Bayley back and went for the Figure Four, but Bayley kicked her face-first into the turnbuckles.

Bayley covered Flair for a two count. She showed more frustration and argued with the referee. Bayley mounted Flair with strikes. She kept control and went to the top while Flair was down. Bayley delivered the big flying elbow drop, but Flair kicked out just in time. She argued with the referee again and got in his face. However, Flair took advantage of the distraction and nailed Natural Selection. She went for the Figure Four again, but Bayley rolled her up for the pin to win the title out of nowhere.

After the bell, Flair immediately sat up and couldn’t believe it. Bayley took the title and celebrated while her new theme music hit.  She took the belt to ringside and continued the celebration. Further, Bayley brought a mic back in the ring and said something about “b—–s” and then said, “Screw all of you!” She tossed the mic and raised the championship while her new music resumed. Bayley marched up the ramp with the title as SmackDown went off the air.


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