Ricochet ran in and leaped out the other side, taking Joe down. He ran back out of the first side, taking Corbin back down.Fans did dueling chants while Ricochet went at it with Corbin. Ricochet leaped off the apron, but Corbin caught him on the floor, launching him face-first into the ring post. Joe charged at ringside and leveled Corbin, taking him down. He grabbed Ricochet and sends him face-first into the post. Joe brought it back into the ring and traded big shots with Corbin who unloaded with body shots. He fought back and got a pop.

Joe caught Corbin with the inverted atomic drop and a big boot. He hit a senton for a pin attempt while Ricochet broke it up. Ricochet traded strikes with Joe who took several and then dropped Ricochet with one big chop. He came back, but Joe caught him with a big powerslam out of nowhere. Ricochet kicked out at two and tangled with both in the corner. Corbin leveled Ricochet with a huge clothesline while Joe took Corbin down. Joe turned around to a big kick to the face from Ricochet.

Thus, all three Superstars were down again. Corbin and Ricochet traded strikes. Corbin bounced off the rope and leveled Ricochet with a massive boot to the face. They tangled again, and Ricochet rolled Corbin for a two count. Corbin powerbombed Ricochet, but he came right back. Corbin caught them with Deep Six, but Joe pulled Corbin out to the floor to break the pin. Joe applied the Coquina Clutch to Corbin on the floor while fans pop.

Corbin tried to break it, but Joe eventually dropped to the ground and tightened the hold for a pop. Ricochet leaped off the apron and landed on both opponents, breaking the hold. He went for the 630 on Joe in the ring, but Joe moved. Joe applied the Coquina Clutch on Ricochet, but he broke it. Ricochet hit the Recoil on Joe and climbed to the top for a 630 on Joe, and he nailed it. Corbin pulled Ricochet out of the ring and launched him into the crowd over the barrier. He came back into the ring, covered Joe and stole the pin to advance to the finals.  However, Ricochet couldn’t believe it.


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