Baron Corbin came out first for this King of the Ring quarterfinals match. Corbin checked out the KOTR throne, crown, and scepter on the stage. Also, we got pre-match comments on the side from Corbin, who can’t wait to hear “all hail!” from the fans. Cedric Alexander came out next, clutching his arm from The OC attack earlier. The match started with back and forth between the two.

Corbin ran out and back in at one point, leveling Alexander and turning him inside out. He kept control and dropped Alexander with a big shot to the back of the head. Corbin stood tall and taunted Alexander while fans booed him. Alexander fought back with chops and a dropkick. He kept control and hit a kick off the ropes. Corbin went to the floor, but Alexander nailed a suicide dive, sending them into the barrier.

Alexander mounted more offense and got a two count. Fans chanted for Cedric as he got back up. Corbin rocked him and ended up turning him upside down in the corner. He worked him over and slammed him into the ring post twice. Corbin yelled out while fans booed him. Alexander fell to the floor. Corbin beat him with elbows back in the ring. He continued to dominate.

Corbin hit another big shot to the back of the head. He dropped Alexander in the corner and worked him over there. Finally, Alexander fought back and connected with a kick. He delivered a dropkick into the corner. Fans tried to rally for Alexander, but Corbin caught him with a colossal Spinebuster. Cedric kicks out at two, and Corbin shows frustration. Corbin mounts Cedric and works him over. He sent Alexander arm-first into the corner, and then tossed him to the apron while Cedric hung on.

Alexander came right back, but Corbin caught him in a big Deep Six out of nowhere. He still kicked out, and Corbin couldn’t believe it. Corbin ran out and back in, but Alexander sent him shoulder-first into the corner. He launched Corbin into the post again, and again for the third time. Alexander sent Corbin into the ring post once again and then unloads with kicks while he’s down in the corner.

Corbin went to the floor for a breather. Alexander ran the ropes and leaped out, taking Corbin down on the floor for a pop. He brought it back in and went for a kick from the top, barely connecting. Corbin kicked out at two. However, fans rallied for Alexander. Corbin fought him off. Alexander blocked End of Days and rolled Corbin for a two count. He caught Corbin with a Michinoku Driver for another pin attempt.

Alexander waited for Corbin to get up while fans poped. Corbin sent him to the apron. He hit a kick to the face from the apron. Corbin made Alexander fall from the top rope. Finally, he nailed End of Days for the pin to win and advance. The Lone Wolf stood tall after the match while his music hit. Now, Corbin will face the winner of Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe in the semi-finals.


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