The Universal Champion makes his way to the ring. Seth Rollins said that he would be a step ahead of him next time after Styles attacked him last week. The Phenomenal One told Rollins that he would win the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank. WWE’s CEO announced that Styles and Rollins will team up to face a surprise team right now on RAW. And their opponents are Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. Rollins and Corbin started the match; before Styles and Lashley are tagged in Rollins lands a dropkick on Corbin.

Lashley’s shoulder tackled Styles, but Styles reciprocate with a dropkick. Styles tagged in Rollins who cleared the ring. Rollins and Styles took their opponents on the outside of the squared circle. Lashley dashed Rollins to the turnbuckle and planted him to the ground, and went for the cover. However, Rollins kicked out. Corbin assaults Rollins and after which he tagged in. From the second rope, Seth lands a Blockbuster on Corbin. Both Rollins and Corbin tag in their teammates.

Styles handles some brisk kicks and punches on Bobby and endeavors to place Lashley in a Styles Clash. Corbin diverts AJ, which offers Lashley the chance to connect Styles with a spear. Styles connected Lashley with a dropkick and then the Pele kick. But Corbin had tagged Lashley. Styles couldn’t manage to tag with Seth as Lashley attacked Rollins. The All Mighty and The Lone Wolf dominate the match. Lashley tosses Styles over the top, and Lashley covers, yet Styles kicks out. Corbin tagged in connecting a massive right hand on AJ’s face. He the Covered Styles but AJ again kicks out.

Rollins tagged in, and Suicide Dived on Lashley outwardly, following a Slingblade on Corbin. Then Corbin and Lashley together suffered a Suicide Dive from Seth. Rollins goes to the top and grounds a major appropriate on Corbin. However, Lashley breaks the check. Corbin faced a step-up enzuigiri and afterward a superkick from Rollins. Styles attempts to connect Baron Corbin with the Superman Punch. Corbin moves away while AJ lands it on Seth Rollins. Styles presently strolls to the back. Corbin took advantage of this & secured the three counts.


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