Austin Theory has been humbled — at least for one night. 

Austin Theory came out first. There was no crowd again this week due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Theory was carrying a cell phone and used it to mock who his opponent used to be. Tyler Breeze was out next. The bell rang and they locked up. Theory took it to the ropes while the referee warned him. He backed off and talked trash to Breeze. They locked up again and break. Theory posed on the top rope like Breeze did, mocking him some more.

They went at it and ran the ropes with Breeze nailing a dropkick. Breeze posed on the top rope and talked trash, telling Theory that’s how it’s done. Breeze went for the Supermodel Kick but ended up mounting other offense as Theory charged. More back and forth until Theory caught Breeze with a Blockbuster in the middle of the ring to take back control.

Theory kicked Breeze in the back and kept him down, still talking trash. He nailed a snap suplex for a two count. Theory kept Breeze grounded. Breeze broke free with a Jawbreaker. Theory sent to the floor but he ran right back in, rolling into a dropkick to Breeze, knocking Breeze right out to the floor. Here came the commercial with Theory standing tall.

After the break, Breeze rocked Theory into the corner. Breeze delivered a running forearm, and another into the corner. He charged again but Theory missed. Theory caught Breeze and countered with a big sitdown powerbomb for a close two count in the middle of the ring. He worked Breeze over at ringside while the referee counted. Theory launched Breeze into the barrier, knocking it loose.

The referee warned Theory and he returned to break the count. Breeze made it back in right before the nine count but Theory went right to work. He countered a powerbomb and rolled Theory up for a two count. Breeze hit a big knee strike to the face. Theory caught Breeze with a big Buckle Bomb. They tangled and Breeze caught Theory with a Supermodel Kick for another close two count.

More back and forth. Theory mounted Breeze with right hands on the mat. Theory stomped away while the referee warned him. We heard Theory keep talking to himself and trash talking Breeze. Theory picked up his cell phone from the corner. He recorded a video for Breeze and then picked Breeze up while still recording. Theory went for his finisher while still recording but Breeze slide out and nailed the Beauty Shot for the pin to win.

Result: Tyler Breeze def. Austin Theory

After the match, Prince Pretty recovered and stood tall.


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