The Empress and The Pirate Princess confronted The Man and The Queen on Miz TV. We got the non-title match after the altercation. Becky Lynch started with Asuka, and they locked up. Asuka hit a big slap to the face. Lynch unloaded and fought Asuka into the corner. Asuka ended up fighting out of the corner, but Lynch got the upperhand. She went on and knocked Lynch off the apron to the floor with a Hip Attack.

Asuka followed and put boots to Lynch. Asuka brought it back into the ring and tagged in Sane for double team kicks, a bulldog by Asuka, and a dropkick by Sane. Sane kicked Lynch under the bottom rope and stood on her. She hit a big stomp to the gut for a two count. Lynch looked to turn it around, but she ran into a boot in the corner. She forced Sane to roll through from the top. Lynch dropkicked Sane, and they both went down.

Asuka tagged in as did Flair. Flair rocked Asuka and dropped her, then delivered a clothesline. She hit big chops into the corner. Flair dropped Asuka with a big chop. She backdropped Asuka on her head. Flair kipped up for a pop. She hit a neckbreaker out of the corner and Natural Selection. Asuka rolled to the floor to avoid the pin by Flair. Flair climbed to the top and delivered a moonsault to the floor, taking both opponents down.

Fans popped while Flair brought Asuka back into the ring. Flair went for the Figure Four, but Sane ran in, and she stopped. She tossed Sane over her head while Asuka went to the floor for a breather. Flair launched herself out onto Asuka, but Asuka kicked her in mid-air. She went down, and Asuka stood over Flair. Sane dropped Flair after the break. She climbed to the top to fly, but Flair caught her in mid-air and slammed her.

Lynch tagged in and stopped Sane from tagging. She delivered clotheslines and more offense to Sane. Asuka ran in, but Lynch hit a Bexploder on her. Lynch climbed to the top and hit a missile dropkick to Asuka. Sane rocked Lynch with a back-fist. Also, she dropped an elbow on Lynch and dragged her over to the corner. Sane signaled for the big elbow and climbed to the top. Lynch cut her off and rocked her.

Lynch launched Sane to the mat from the top. Sane kicked Lynch, but she came off the second rope with a leg drop for a two count because Asuka broke it up. Flair ran in and knocked Asuka off the apron with a big boot. Sane took out Flair’s knee. So, this led to Lynch applying the Disarm Her on Sane. Asuka ran over and spat green mist at Lynch to break it up. Finally, Sane took advantage and rolled Lynch up for the pin to win.

After the match, the music hit, and the champions celebrated until Flair ran in and attacked Asuka from behind. Sane made the save. Asuka and Sane double-teamed Flair. However, the music interrupted, and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross came out to make the save. They unloaded on the current champion. Cross knocked Asuka out of the ring, and they double-teamed Sane. They dropped her and ran around the ring while fans cheered them on. Flair and Lynch recovered on the outside while Cross and Bliss celebrated in the ring.


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