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Apollo Crews challenged Andrade for United States Championship


Andrade put his Star Spangled title belt on the line against Apollo Crews.

Apollo Crews came out first. WWE United States Champion Andrade was out next with Zelina Vega. We got formal ring introductions from Rome before the match. The bell rang and they locked up. Crews took Andrade to the corner and they break while the referee counted. Crews backed off but Andrade took him down by his arm and went to work. They tangled some and Andrade tied Crews up on the ropes, focusing on the arm. The referee ordered them to break while Vega was cheering Andrade on.

They locked up again and Andrade took control. Crews ended up fighting back and nailing a dropkick. Andrade went to the floor for a breather but Crews followed. Crews attacked on the outside but Andrade fought back as the referee counted. Crews rolled Andrade back in and followed but Andrade stomped away to turn it back around. Andrade unloaded in the corner and put the knee to the face after beating Crews down.

Crews looked to pull some impressive offense or counter off but Andrade dropkicked him out of the corner. Andrade looked to capitalize but missed in the corner and landed hard out on the floor after a counter. Crews went for the moonsault to the floor but Andrade rocked him and got the upperhand. Crews looked to have tweaked his knee, according to Tom. Vega applauded Andrade while Crews was down on the floor. Here came the commercial.

After the break, Andrade worked Crews over. Andrade applied a single-leg Crab in the middle of the ring. He worked Crews over but ate a kick. Andrade came right back with a sliding kick to the head while Vega applauded. Andrade unloaded with strikes in the corner from the floor. He came back in and unloaded with boots in the corner while the referee warned him. Vega hyped Andrade up but he missed the running double knees as Crews moved.

Crews came right back with the Olympic slam. Both Superstars were down. They got up and Crews unloaded with strikes. Crews with a big clothesline before ramming Andrade back into the corner. He mounted more offense off adrenaline. Crews hit a running splash in the corner. He nailed an overhead belly-to-belly. Crews yelled out and Vega looked worried. He ran into a big boot from Andrade.

Andrade climbed to the top but Crews cut him off with a kick. Crews climbed up and dumped Andrade to the mat. He hit a standing moonsault for a close two count. More back and forth untilAndrade escaped a suplex and sent Crews into the turnbuckle. Andrade ran into the corner and hit the double knees but Crews somehow kicks out at two. Vega was frustrated but still cheering Andrade on.

More back and forth between the two as they got to their feet. Andrade countered Crews’ offense and the Gorilla Press attempt, and dropped him on his head with a big DDT. Andrade slowly made the cover but Crews still kicked out. Crews blocked the Hammerlock DDT and Andrade rolled him for a two count. Crews hit an enziguri, fighting through the pain. He drove Andrade down for another close two count. Vega was shocked and frustrated at ringside.

They ended up on the top and traded shots. Crews hit a headbutt to send Andrade the mat. Crews went for a Frogsplash but landed bad on the knee and Andrade moved. Andrade tried to take advantage and immediately capitalize but the referee backed him off so he can check on Crews. Crews wanted to continue but he crawled into the corner and rests his head on the turnbuckle. He hoped to keep the match going but the referee called it and said he is unable to compete.

Winner: Andrade def. Apollo Crews

Post-match, Andrade and Vega stood tall with the title as the music hit. Crews was still down in the corner, being checked on by the referee, and shaking his head.