Seth Rollins came out first for this main event. Kevin Owens was out next to the ring. The bell hit and Rollins avoided a quick Stunner. They went to the floor and brawled. Owens sent Rollins into the barrier and talked some trash. Owens brought it in, but Rollins decked him. Rollins went for a dive, but Owens hit him at the ropes. Owens talked some trash and delivered some offense in the ring. So, the fans chanted for KO. Owens dropped Rollins again and hit the senton for a two count. Some fans chanted for CM Punk.

Rollins took Owens down and went for a single-leg Crab. Owens powered out and chopped Rollins. He lifted Rollins on his shoulders, but he slid out. Rollins ended up hitting a Slingblade. Rollins knocked Owens out of the ring to the floor. He ran the ropes and hit a big dive on the floor. Rollins ran again for another dive, sending Owens into the barricade. He brought it back into the ring and springboarded in, but Owens ducked. Owens hit a big superkick, sending Rollins to the floor. He played to the crowd for a pop.

Rollins grabbed a steel chair, but the referee stopped him as Owens told him to bring it. Owens stood tall in the ring as Rollins stared at him from the outside with the chair. He knocked Rollins to the mat after they tangled up top. Owens went for the senton, but Rollins got his knees up. KO kicked out at two. Rollins stomped on Owens and mounted him with right hands in the middle of the ring. He grounded Owens while some fans were trying to start a CM Punk chant. Rollins kept knocking Owens down and working him around the ring.

Owens fired back with a big chop to the chest. Rollins brushed it off and unloaded in the corner with chops of his own. He nailed a headbutt. Owens countered and caught Rollins with a big DDT in the middle of the ring. He went on and hit a cannonball in the corner. Owens climbed to the top, but Rollins rolled to the floor for a breather. He leapt from the top and nailed Rollins on the floor. Owens brought it back in the ring and went to the top for a big Frogsplash. Rollins still kicked out at two.

Owens went for a Pop-Up Powerbomb but missed. He blocked a Pedigree. Rollins came back and hit a Blockbuster. He kept it locked and nailed a Falcon Arrow in the middle of the ring, but Owens kicks out at two. Rollins got up first, and fans boo him as he cranked up. So, a “burn it down!” chant started. Owens dodged the Stomp but missed a Stunner.

They tangled and traded counters again. Owens nailed a Pop-Up Powerbomb for a close two count as Rollins kicked out. Rollins blocked the Stunner, and they tangled. Owens and Rollins traded big kicks. Rollins brought Owens down with a kick to boos. Owens caught Rollins with a Stunner out of nowhere. The Authors of Pain suddenly enter the ring while both competitors were down. Owens got up first and stared AOP down. He attacked, but AOP beat him down, and the referee called for the bell.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins via DQ

After the bell, Akam and Rezar continued the beatdown on Owens. Thus, a “bullshit!” chant started up. Rollins watched as AOP destroyed Owens in the corner, launching him into the ring post several times while fans continued to boo. AOP left Owens lying after a big double team knee. Rollins was still down in the corner, barely moving. Akam and Rezar approached Rollins, and he got to his feet.

The BeastSlayer told them to bring it, but they just looked at each other, then turned and exited the ring. Fans booed as Akam and Rezar marched to the back while Rollins was watching from the ring. Owens was slowly getting back to his feet. Rollins looked at Owens and put him back down with a big Stomp. Fans booed loudly while Rollins was talking trash to Owens. Rollins hit another Stomp to Owens while talking trash. Finally, RAW went off the air with Rollins talking trash to Owens while he’s down.


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