Lana came out to the stage as her music hit. She posed on the stage while Owens was looking on from the ring.  Lana took the mic and began her promo, but Owens yelled at her, saying no one cares. Owens went on and said he’s vomiting in his mouth, wondering what she could possibly say. Lana revealed that Rusev won’t be here tonight because she had to file another restraining order in Tennessee. She said Rusev is a danger to society and if he violates the order tonight – he’s going to jail for a long time.

Owens said he’s never met someone who says so much and says absolutely nothing. He called her repulsive. Lana called him a basic pizza and candy eater and insulted him more. She then talked about how Bobby Lashley, the only man she’s ever been with, is going to come out and finish him. So, the music hit and Lashley came out and headed to the ring with Lana. Two police officers were walking behind them.

The bell hit, and Owens charged. Lashley shoved Owens down first while they were going at it. He knocked Owens around some more and took him to the corner. Lashley ran into a big boot. They ran the ropes, and Lashley caught Owens in a big Spinebuster. Owens went to the floor for a breather while the officers were standing guard by Lana. Lashley went to the floor, but Owens rocked him. Owens hit a splash off the apron to Lashley on the floor. He hit the corner Cannonball for a two count.

Owens went for a springboard moonsault but missed. Lashley delivered a big clothesline. Lana was cheering him on while fans were booing. Lashley pounded on Owens and kept him grounded in the middle of the ring. He argued with the referee and then went back to posing over Owens while fans booed. Lashley unloaded in the corner. He charged, but Owens dropped him with a superkick for a pop.

Lashley blocked a Stunner and caught Owens with a neckbreaker for a two count. He went for the Dominator and dropped Owens on his face for a two count. Lashley went for the Full Nelson, but Owens fought out with elbows. Owens caught Lashley with the Pop-Up Powerbomb while Lana was looking on concerned. AOP came walking down the ramp as Owens got up. AOP attacked Owens, and he fought back while the referee called the match.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Bobby Lashley via DQ

After the match, Akam and Rezar double-teamed Owens. They brought Owens to the floor and launched him into the barrier as Lashley moved Lana out of the way. Owens tried to fight back on the ramp, but AOP took him down again. Lana and Lashley watched from the ring with the officers standing guard. They all watched as AOP dragged Owens to the backstage area.

Further, Charly Caruso was in the ring with Bobby Lashley and Lana. She asked what he knows about the AOP attack. Lashley only cares about protecting Lana. Lana also started complaining and talking her usual while fans were booing. She is tired of being booed by fans, which makes the boos louder. Lana went on about having to hire officers… Rusev entered the ring and levelled Lashley with a big kick while fans were cheering, and Lana looked on. He pounded on Lashley and made his exit through the crowd.

Lana checked on Lashley and yelled at the officers while they watched from ringside. So, fans continued chanting “Rusev Day!” as Lashley and Lana exited the ring to confront the officers. One of the officers said he’s a WWE fan and knows they have a restraining order, but this is the state of Tennessee, and they do things differently. Lashley wasn’t happy. He ended up going at the officer and getting arrested. Lana threw a fit as they cuffed Lashley and took him up the ramp. Lana said they should be arresting Rusev. She slapped the cop in front of Charly. Lana got cuffed. Thus, fans cheered as Lana and Lashley were up the ramp under arrest.


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