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Angel Garza claimed another victory by taking down Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander waited in the ring while NXT Superstar Angel Garza came out with Zelina Vega. Vega showed us how Garza debuted on RAW last week by taking out his cousin Humberto Carrillo and then going at it with Rey Mysterio. Garza took the mic and talked some trash until Carrillo ran down to the ring and tackled Garza. Carrillo unloaded on Garza until officials and security hit the ring to pull him off.

Garza talked trash from the floor but Carrillo was held back. Security and referees backed Carrillo up the ramp while Vega and Garza were taunting him from ringside. The referee ordered Garza into the ring. The bell rang and Cedric tried to attack but the referee backed him off. Vega provided a distraction and Garza took advantage, dropping Cedric. Garza grounded Cedric and worked on his arms.

Cedric turned it right around but Garza broke it with a back headbutt. Garza sent Cedric to the apron but Cedric came right back in and hit a hurricanrana. Cedric clotheslined Garza and unloaded with kicks while fans cheering him on. He hit a running forearm in the corner and a big dropkick to the back of the neck. Cedric kipped up for a pop. Garza went out for a breather. Cedric tried to attack through the ropes but Garza caught him and slammed him on the floor as Vega applauded.

Garza looked to expose the concrete while the referee counted. He changed his mind and went back to Cedric but got rocked and sent into the barrier. Cedric brought it back in and went to the top but Garza dropkicked him in mid-air. Garza ripped his pants off for another pop. He grabbed Cedric and hit the Wing Clipper in the middle of the ring for the pin to win. After the match, Garza was all smiles while standing with Vega in the ring.

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