Andrade and Zelina Vega came out first. Vega cut a promo on how they are the greatest mixed tag team combination. She went on with the trash talking and said they will embarrass Sin Cara and Carolina tonight. Sin Cara came out with the masked Carolina, who debuted last week. The bell rang, and Andrade charged, attacking Cara in the corner before he was ready.

However, this led to Cara sending Andrade over the top to the floor. Cara ran the ropes, and Vega stopped him for the distraction. So, Carolina leaped off the apron, taking Andrade down on the floor. Cara brought Andrade back into the ring. After the break, Andrade was in control. We saw how Cara flew for a big moonsault during the break, but Vega interfered without getting caught, to help turn it back around.

Andrade took Cara to the top, but Cara resisted and fought him off. He went for the mask, and Cara dropped to the apron. Cara ended up launching Andrade to the mat with a big sunset bomb while Carolina and Vega tried to rally for their partners. Vega and Carolina tagged in at the same time. Carolina met Vega with two dropkicks. She yelled out at the crowd and then hit a crossbody. Vega fought back. Carolina planted Vega in the middle of the ring, but Andrade pulled her off.

Cara leveled Andrade and sent him out of the ring. He ran the ropes for a dive, but Vega got in the way. Cara caught a kick, and this led to Carolina dropping Vega. Vic kept calling her Catalina, but the graphic did say, Carolina, this also happened last week. Cara ran again and leaped out, taking Andrade down on the floor. Vega hit a big counter in the corner and a basement hurricanrana for the pin to win.  After the match, the music hit while Vega and Andrade stood tall in the ring together.


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