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Andrade defeated Sin Cara in an edge-of-your-seat thriller

Zelina Vega came out. Vega said Andrade’s music is a siren to let you know your career is in jeopardy. She brought up Sin Cara and said that means without a face, which is fitting because Cara will be leaving tonight without a face and a win. Vega went on and said as good as Cara is, he will never be Andrade. Sin Cara was out next, making his return to action.

Besides, the announcers showed us how Sin Cara has recently helped a lot in his community, El Paso. The bell rang, and they went at it to start. Andrade struck with chops and ran the ropes, but Cara dropkicked him to the floor. Cara ran the ropes and nailed a suicide dive to drop Andrade on the floor. He brought it back and climbed to the top for a crossbody, but Andrade kicked out at one.

Also, we see Humberto Carrillo watching backstage. Cara and Andrade traded shots. Vega grabbed Cara’s leg while the referee wasn’t looking. So, this allowed Andrade to charge and attack him into the corner with a knee. Andrade mounted more offense in an opposite corner for a close pin attempt while Vega cheered him on. Cara countered and sent Andrade to the floor. Cara climbed to the top and leaped out, taking Andrade back down on the outside while Vega looked on shocked.

Andrade keeps control in the corner. Cara came back with a springboard takedown. He hit another springboard moonsault for a two count. Cara hit more offense and another pin attempt. He climbed to the top but missed. Andrade sent Cara face-first into the turnbuckles. Vega rallied for Andrade. He went for the charging knees in the corner, but Cara moved. Cara tried to capitalize, but Andrade drove him into the mat for a two count.

Andrade went for the three suplexes and nailed them, mocking WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero for boos. Cara kicks out at two. Andrade climbed back to the top, but Cara cut him off and delivered chops. Cara climbed up for a superplex, but Andrade knocked him to the apron. Andrade grabbed him, but Cara kept fighting. Cara ended up hitting a big powerbomb from the corner for another close pin attempt. Andrade hit the running knees in the corner, but Cara kicked out once again.

Vega screamed out, frustrated. They traded shots again. Andrade charged with the knees again. Cara recovered at ringside while Andrade argued with the referee. So, Vega took advantage by coming off the apron and taking Cara down on the floor with a hurricanrana. Andrade brought it back in the ring and nailed the Hammerlock DDT on Cara for the pin to win.


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