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Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio in a 2-of-3 Falls Match

Rey Mysterio came out first. Andrade came out next with Zelina Vega. The bell rang and Andrade immediately unloaded on Mysterio. The Master of 619 sent Andrade into position for a 619 but didn’t hit it while Vega took part. So, this led to Vega providing an assist with the ropes to quickly help Andrade get the first fall by pin. The bell rang for the second fall and Mysterio sent Andrade out of the squared circle. Mysterio climbed to the top but Andrade climbed up and met him.

They traded shots up high and came back down. Mysterio rocked Andrade on the apron. He jumped back to the top and sent Andrade from the apron to the floor with a big hurricanrana. Meanwhile, Vega looked on and screamed out. Mysterio brought it back into the ring and springboarded in with a splash for a two count. Andrade ended up catching a moonsault but Mysterio slid out. They collided and Andrade dropped Mysterio for a two count.

Andrade stomped on Mysterio while he’s down. He beat Mysterio into the corner and unloaded with stomps while Vega cheered him on. Also, fans tried to rally for The Master of 619. Andrade charged in with double knees but he hit the turnbuckles while Mysterio moved out of the way. He sent Mysterio to the apron. Mysterio flew in from the apron with a big Destroyer for a two count. Mysterio kicked Andrade in the head and dropped him into position for the 619.

Andrade dodged it and rolled Rey up for a two count while Vega distracted from ringside. Mysterio rolled Andrade up for a two count. He dropped Andrade with an Enziguri. Mysterio kicked Andrade into the ropes and then hit the 619 for a pop. He climbed back to the top while Vega screamed at ringside. Mysterio went for the Frogsplash but Andrade got his knees up. Andrade hit the Hammerlock DDT and covered for the clean sweep.

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