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Andrade defeated Apollo Crews in King of the Ring’s first-round bout

Andrade and Apollo Crews came for the first SmackDown match in the 2019 King of the Ring Tournament. The bell rang, and Crews charged with a big clothesline for a two count. Crews looked to keep the momentum going. But Andrade dropped Crews face-first into the corner and followed up with running knees for a pin attempt. Crews blocked a Hammerlock DDT and rolled Andrade up for a two count.

Andrade ended up on the apron, but he applied a submission on the ropes, focusing on the left arm. Crews broke the hold and Andrade climbed to the top. Andrade flew, but Crews dropkicked him out of the air. Meanwhile, Zelina Vega at ringside looked on concerned. Andrade went to the floor for a breather. Crews went face-first off the apron. Andrade flew back to the floor for scissors. But Crews caught him in mid-move.

Andrade countered that and sent Crews face-first into the steel ring steps. He flew with a crossbody, but Crews caught him. Andrade fought out with an elbow. They both went down after Crews delivered knees to the gut. However, Vega looked worried again at ringside. Crews mounted momentum and got hyped up for the crowd. He delivered an Olympic Slam for a two count.

Andrade battled Crews off with elbows. He slid out of a move and Crews ran into a big boot in the corner. Andrade climbed to the top, but Crews jumped up with a big kick for a pop. They tangled some more on the mat. Andrade hit a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles. So, Vega tried to rally for Andrade. Andrade went for the running knees in the corner, but Crews moved once again. He blocked another Olympic Slam attempt and kicked Crews in the face.

Crews came back with a kick and an Enziguri. He landed a standing Shooting Star Press for another two counts. Thus, Vega ended up interfering and slowing Crews down from the floor. He took advantage and levelled Crews. Andrade hit the Hammerlock DDT in the centre of the ring for the pin to advance to the second round. He stood tall after the match, and Vega joined him to celebrate. Now, Andrade will face the winner of Shelton Benjamin vs Chad Gable.

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