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Aliyah vied to hold her own against Xia Li’s signature kicks

Xia Li came out first for the match. Aliyah was out next with Vanessa Borne at her side. It is a rematch from two months ago. The bell rang, and they tangled before Aliyah slammed Li down by her hair. Li came back and powered up, but Aliyah fought out. She hit a series of quick punches. Borne tried to help from ringside, but it backfired. Li backed Aliyah back into the ropes, but Aliyah dropped her over the top.

Aliyah hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. She hit kicks to the back. Aliyah mounted more offense and talked trash. Li fought back and kicked Aliyah to the mat with a big shot to the gut. She hit a cartwheel forearm into the corner. Li springboarded to the top and came back down with a double ax handle to the back. Aliyah ducked a move but got dropped with a big roundhouse kick for the pin out of nowhere.

Result: Xia Li def. Aliyah

After the match, Li stood tall while Borne entered the ring to check on her. A WWE doctor also entered the ring to tend to Aliyah. The announcers played up how tough Li’s kicks are while we saw blood coming out of Aliyah’s nose.

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