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Aleister Black took on Erick Rowan after a beatdown by The OC


Erick Rowan came out first with his mystery cage. Aleister Black was out next, limping to the ring from the beatdown by The OC. The bell rang and Rowan told Black to bring it. Black kicked while clutching his ribs. Rowan took control early on and ran right over Black. Rowan slammed Black while fans were booing him. He stomped on Black and drove knees into his back.

Rowan hit a boot to the head. He stood tall and fans booed him. Black countered a move and sent Rowan to the floor. Rowan came back to the apron but Black kicked him in the head to knock him off. Black went on but Rowan took his legs out on the apron, sending him to the floor. Rowan sent Black into a chair in the timekeeper’s area. The referee checked on Black while he was down in the chair.

Black said he wants to keep going. Rowan continued to dominate. Black kept trying to mount offense but Rowan dropped him again. Rowan hit a big side-slam in the middle of the ring for a close two count. He went for a suplex but Black kneed him in the face and rolled him for a two count. More back and forth as Black tried to make a comeback. Black took him down with a kick and delivered a running knee to the side of the face while fans were cheering him on.

He hit the big moonsault from the middle rope while he was still hurting. Black kept going and delivered another big knee strike to the face for a close two count. He went for Black Mass but Rowan grabbed the boot. Rowan smiled, and said he don’t think so and went for the Iron Claw slam. Black resisted but Rowan drove him down into the mat for another two count.

Rowan went on and nailed a clothesline for a two count. He tossed Black out to the floor. Rowan followed and sent Black into the barriers a few times. He broke the count and rolled back out. Rowan smiled and ran around the ring to crash Black into the steel steps. Black moved and Rowan crashed into the steps, knocking his pet cage to the floor. The referee counted and Black got up first.

Rowan pulled Black out at the 6 count and hit a headbutt. He unloaded on Black at ringside, furious over the cage getting knocked to the ground. Rowan powerbombed Black into the ring post and Black was down once again, laid out. He rolled Black back in. Rowan then went over and picked the cage up, putting it back on the steps and talking to whatever is inside of it. He made it back in right at the nine count. Rowan ran right into a Black Mass for a big pop. Black stumbled some but nailed a second Black Mass for the pin to win.

After the match, The Dutch Destroyer stood tall and headed up the ramp and Rowan recovered.



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