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Aleister Black looked to stream roll on Jason Reynolds

The announcers showed us the post-Draft RAW roster. In addition, we saw some of the new RAW Superstars, who made an instant impact after being drafted.

Before his match, Aleister Black was somewhere backstage. Black liked to think there’s a method and a reason to his madness. He liked to think that one day, all of this will give him an answer to why. Black went on and said this other side of him provides a rage that is like hellfire. He told the rage is beyond redemption. But, at the same time it’s clawing at him like a mad man dancing in the moonlight. But is it ready to pick a fight?

After the break, The Dutch Destroyer made his unique entrance. Mike Rome did the introductions while an enhancement talent waiting in the ring, Jason Reynolds. The bell hit, and they locked up. Reynolds took it to the corner, but Black countered. Black blocked a strike and unloaded with a few kicks. He took Reynolds down and sits cross-legged in the middle of the ring.

Reynolds charged but missed, and Black went to work again. So, Black went on and rocked Reynolds back into the corner. Reynolds turned it around in the corner and beat Black down with strikes. Black came back with a big kick and a big knee to follow up. He went on and levelled Reynolds with Black Mass for the pin to win. After the match, The Dutch Destroyer took a seat and stared while his music started back up.


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