Zayn talked about offering a SummerSlam match to Aleister Black last week. So, he can expose Black and unburden him from all this hype he knows he can’t live up to. Zayn said Black responded with silence, instead of responding like a man he locked himself in a dark room where he’s safe.

He went on ranting until the music hit and out The Dutch Destroyer came out. Black took the mic while he appeared on the stage and said this match isn’t happening at SummerSlam, it’s happening now. However, Zyan looked shocked. Black stood up from the stage and begun walking to the ring.

Aleister Black vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn looked on, arguing with the referee, while Aleister Black marched to the ring. Black entered and took a seat in the middle of the ring, staring at Zayn. Meanwhile, the match started as the bell rings. Zayn pleaded and went to attack with a kick, striking first. Black rocked Zayn with a shoulder and dropped him with a big kick. He went for the moonsault but put on the brakes. Black took another seat in the middle of the ring because Zayn retreated to the floor.

Zayn dropped Black with a clothesline. He worked Black over while he’s down. Zayn chopped Black, but Black rocked him. They traded more strikes while the referee warned Zayn. He kept control and hit another clothesline for two a count, and another quick pin attempt. Fans chanted “Sami sucks!” and Black mounted an offense. Zayn caught him with a backbreaker for a two count. He grounded Black and worked him over. Zayn applied a headlock to keep Black down.

However, Black countered Sami and made a comeback in the middle of the ring. He hit big strikes and a running knee. Fans cheered while Black stood tall. He delivered the second rope moonsault. Black posed while the crowd cheered him. Black hit a massive shot to Zayn, knocking him back down. The Dutch Destroyer picked Zayn back up and delivered a Black Mass to get the pin and the win.


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