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Aleister Black & Buddy Murphy slug it out in a TLC rematch

Aleister Black came out for this rematch from WWE TLC. Buddy Murphy was out next. The bell hit and they sized each other up, going for a few kicks. Black took it to the corner. Murphy connected and applied a headlock, taking Black to one knee and back up. Murphy dropped Black with a shoulder. They ran the ropes and Murphy nailed a hurricanrana. Black was sent to the floor. Murphy went to run but took a seat in the middle of the ring to taunt Black as Black rushed back in.

They had some words and Murphy rolled Black up. Murphy got sent out and ran right back in but this time it was Black taking a seat in the middle of the ring, staring him down. They went at it and Black dropped Murphy for a quick one count. Black hit a knee to the gut and a suplex for another one count. He kept Murphy grounded in the middle of the ring. Black levelled Murphy with a kick to the face. Black delivered strikes in the face and body in the corner.

Murphy fought back with strikes of his own but Black shut him down. Black charged with a big kick to the face for another one count. He kept Murphy grounded and then took him back to the corner. Black hit a kick to the chest. They traded counters near the corner. Murphy sent Black face-first into the turnbuckle. Murphy climbed to the top but Black leapt up and nailed a big kick to the mouth. Black climbed up for a superplex but Murphy fought back.

Murphy slid down but ran into a boot to the face. He came right back and dropped Black face-first into the top turnbuckle. Black fell out to the floor. After the break, Black nailed a big moonsault out to the floor. He brought it back into the ring and unloaded with strikes, taking Murphy down. Black dropped Murphy again and nailed another moonsault for a two count. Murphy ended up kicking Black out of the ring to the floor off a counter.

Black came back with a big kick to the head from the floor. He came to the apron and nailed another kick, sending Murphy down in the ring. Black went to the top but rolled through. Murphy countered and dropped Black face-first. He nailed a dropkick and went for the pin but the referee caught him using his feet on the ropes for leverage. He sent Black to the floor and kicked him back. Murphy ran the ropes and leapt out onto Black. He brought it back in the ring and went to the top for the big double knees but Black still kicked out at two.

So, fans chanted “this is awesome!” Murphy stomped away and kept Black down. He climbed to the top but Black cut him off. Murphy kept fighting. Black climbed up for a superplex but Murphy countered and sent him to the mat. Murphy leapt for the sunset flip and rolled through with a sitdown powerbomb for another close two count. He was up first while Black was working to get up. Black nailed the knee but Murphy superkicked him back.

Aleister caught a kick and kicked the other leg out. They both unloaded with big strikes and counters in the middle of the ring. Murphy countered with a jumping knee. More back and forth until Black nailed a Brainbuster for a very close two count. Fans cheered them on while they were trying to get back up. Aleister nailed Black Mass in the middle of the ring. Fans popped as Black readied for and connected with a second Black Mass. Black covered for the pin to win.

Result: Aleister Black def. Buddy Murphy

After the match, The Dutch Destroyer recovered and his music hit.

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