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Aleister Black & AJ Styles attempted to settle the score in savage No DQ bout


Feeling out process between both superstars early on. Black hit a massive kick to the chest while crowd was chanting an “Undertaker.” Anderson provided distraction form the apron. Styles hit the chop block, and another in the corner. He looked to work the knee. Styles was in control, went outside, got a kendo stick out from under the ring. He whacked the back of Black’s knee. Styles looked to take away Black Mass from Black’s arsenal. Black still managed to land a kick with his good knee though and took the kendo stick. Styles hit a dropkick that sent Black to the floor.

Styles flew out to the floor, but ate a knee strike. Black brought a table out and set it up on the floor. Styles hit a chair shot, whacking Black a couple times. He then set the chair up in the corner. Styles tried to launch Black into the chair but missed. He landed an enziguri though. Styles worked over Black’s knee some more, boot to the chest. Black fought back, and landed a knee strike. Styles locked in the calf crusher. Black got the kendo stick and shoved it against Styles’ face until he broke the hold. Black hit a kendo stick shot to the legs and back of Styles’ back, legs, and midsection.

More back and forth between the two. Styles climbed to the top rope, Black followed with a big knee. He threw a flurry of punches on Styles, and nailed a Snap german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Styles hit a nasty neckbreaker on his opponent. He went for Styles clash but missed. Black hit kick to Styles’ face. He tried for a second rope moonsault but Styles caught him in midair and looked for a tombstone! Styles even did Undertaker’s neck slash taunt. Black reversed out of it for a two-count.

Black delivered more strikes and a kick, sending Styles into that chair that was in the corner. Both men ended up on the floor, Styles slammed into Black, launching him over the announce table. He cleared off the table, looking to finish off Black. Black kicked out Styles’ leg and he hit his face on the table as he went down to the floor. He then hit a meteora, sending Style backwards through the table that was setup earlier in the match. They came back in the ring, and Black looked for Black Mass.

Luke Gallows ran in but Black dropped him. Anderson came in, and then ate a knee. The O.C. swarm Black and swung away on him. Styles looked to hit the phenomenal forearm, but Undertaker’s music hit! The lights went out. The Undertaker was choking out both Gallows and Anderson when lights came back up. Styles tried for the phenomenal forearm, but Undertaker caught him in midair and then hit a chokeslam. Lights went out again and The Deadman was nowhere to be seen. Black was back up and cracked Styles with Black Mass for the pin to win.

Result: Aelister Black def. AJ Styles



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