The Miz came out for another must-see edition of MizTV. He mentioned how his guest tonight was supposed to be the new WWE Universal Champion, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. But he was unable to make it due to the travel issues from Saudi Arabia. Miz showed us footage of how Wyatt beat Seth Rollins for the title at Crown Jewel. He went on and mentioned the NXT Superstars appearing tonight – Shayna Baszler, Matt Riddle, and Keith Lee. Suddenly, the music interrupted and NXT’s Tommaso

Ciampa makes his way to the ring for a pop. Fans chanted “NXT!” as Ciampa took the mic. He said MizTV is supposed to be must-see TV, and Miz is supposed to be one of the most must-see Superstars. Ciampa introduced himself as the greatest sports entertainer of all time. He said Miz stands here like the world is supposed to revolve around him. But it’s time someone came out here to show him where he sits on the food chain. He said Miz is everything that’s wrong with RAW and SmackDown, while some fans booed.

Ciampa went on about what he does in NXT and said while Miz plays the part, he is the part. So, Miz talked about how he knows who Ciampa is and what he does. But he thought Ciampa would come up with something more original. He went on about how Ciampa just said the same thing people have been saying to him for 15 years. Miz said if NXT and Ciampa are here to make a statement, then make it. He got closer to Ciampa’s face. Ciampa said those sound like fighting words. However, they went on and made the match, dropping the mics.

The bell rings, and they went at it. Miz took Ciampa down first and then showed off. Ciampa sent Miz to the apron, but he stayed on. Miz got a two count. He tossed Ciampa to the floor for a pop. Miz hyped the crowd up and went to kick through the ropes, but he missed. Ciampa sent him into the barrier. He launched Miz into the steel steps a few times. Ciampa took a seat on the apron and patted himself on the back. He brought it back in the ring and aggressively kept Miz grounded.

Ciampa missed a clothesline. Miz hit the backbreaker – neckbreaker combo for a two count. He delivered kicks in the corner while fans count along. Miz hit running double knees in the corner, and again. He charged again, but Ciampa nailed a big discus clothesline. Ciampa kept control with a big knee in the corner for a two count. Miz blocked the Fairytale Ending. They tangled, and Miz chopped the knee out from behind. Ciampa fought the Figure Four attempt off.

Miz avoided a powerbomb, kicked the leg out, and dropped Ciampa with a big DDT for a two count. He applied the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Ciampa went for the ropes, but Miz kept it locked in. He rolled over to reverse it, and Ciampa broke it with the bottom rope. Miz went for the Figure Four again, but Ciampa rolled him for a two count. Ciampa blocked a big kick for another roll-up.

They traded big chops from their knees and got to their feet. Ciampa missed face-first in the corner, and Miz followed up with the big corner clothesline. Miz came from the top, but Ciampa nailed a knee on the way down. Ciampa hit the Fairytale Ending for the pin to win.  After the match, The Blackheart stood tall and had his arm risen. Ciampa posed in the corner and played to the crowd while Miz tried to recover.


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