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A melee erupted after Triple H tried to bring KO back to NXT

Triple H was in the ring with Kevin Owens. WWE NXT Superstars – The Forgotten Sons, Dominik Dijakovic and Damian Priest were at ringside. Triple H called for water and handed it to Owens. He said this was a helluva match, getting a pop from the Boston crowd. Triple H went on about the wrestling history in Boston. He added that Owens and Rollins made magic in the ring. Triple H said Owens knows why he’s here, the same general reason why he was here for Rollins before, but different. He went on about why he likes Rollins but says Owens is different – a different breed.

Triple H talked about how Owens turned on his best friend to win the NXT Title. Plus, Owens had the guts to walk into RAW and pick a fight with John Cena. And Cena left RAW in an ambulance that night. Triple H praised Owens for how he helped legitimise NXT and put it on the map. He said Owens was then taken from NXT and probably didn’t want to leave. Triple H explained how people on the main roster indicated to Owens that they didn’t want him there. Also, they didn’t believe he belongs there on the main roster.

The Game knows where Owens belongs. He discussed how good Owens is in the ring and how ring-smart he is. Triple H sees a guy who doesn’t fit the damn mould, and he loves it. He pointed to the NXT big men at ringside. The Game clarified they’re here just so these two can have their conversation, not to attack Owens or anything like that. They came here just for Owens, but Owens’ teammates are in the back. None of them is coming out to help Owens from a potential attack because they don’t give a damn about Owens.

Triple H said the guys in the back also know they will get their asses handed to them if they come out, and prove that NXT is now the A-Show. However, members of the RAW locker room came out, and a brawl broke out at ringside. Suddenly, The Undisputed Era attacked Owens behind in the ring by as Triple H watches. The OC rushed the ring to make the save, and The Undisputed Era retreated through the crowd. Now, Triple H was watching from the stage. The OC yelled from the ring while The Undisputed Era was taunting them from the crowd.

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