Bobby Lashley came out with Lana. Titus O’Neil waited in the ring. We saw how Rusev was served a temporary restraining order earlier today when he arrived at the arena. The security then escorted The Bulgarian Brute out. The bell hit and fans chanted for Rusev. Lashley and Titus went at it. Titus got some shots in, but Lashley decked him. He delivered another big chop, but Lashley came right back and drove Titus down. Suddenly, Rusev ran to the ring and attacked Lashley for the disqualification.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Titus O’Neil via DQ

After the bell, Lashley and Rusev brawled to the floor while Lana was screaming at Rusev. Rusev got the upperhand and sent Lashley into the barrier, then yelled art him. Fans chanted “Rusev Day!” while they were brawling up the ramp. Lashley got control, but Rusev dropped him again on the ramp. Rusev stood tall while fans were cheering for him. He sent Lashley into the LED board on the stage, and then face-first into the announce table. Rusev took the top off the table and cleared it while Lana continued yelling. He put Lashley on the table and turned to Lana, telling her this is not about her.

However, Police officers ran out and pulled Rusev off Lashley, placing him in handcuffs. So, Lana taunted him for breaking the law. She checked on Lashley. Rusev got free from the officers and charged at Lashley, while his hands were still cuffed behind his back, and knocked Lashley from the stage onto a platform below. Thus, fans popped for Rusev. Rusev then kicked over a taller structure, part of the set, and it landed on Lashley. Lana screamed out after watching this. Rusev smiled and played to the crowd, saying he’s back. Officers took Rusev to the back.


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